Advanced Excel

About Course:

Microsoft Excel is a widespread level of analytics & reporting tool included in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. This course will teach you how to perform financial analysis in stages. A candidate having this certification opens up multiple career alternatives. This Advance excel course is designed to help you become a successful data analyst and is highly recommended for those applicants who are starting their careers in analytics. IFDA has designed this software program that uses spreadsheets to organize numbers and data with formulas and functions.

Business nowadays needs the help of varied software and tools to manage and operate properly. The tools actually wont to save time and resources within the language of the business by giving instantaneous results from the analysis. There are tons of tools for a spread of companies available, out of which the foremost popular and famous tool that any business needs are Microsoft Office Excel.

It is not a myth but a stated incontrovertible fact that Excel helps small, medium and enormous scale businesses to store, maintain and analyze data into fruitful information with its eminent set of qualities to execute functions and advanced excel formula. The software single-handedly manages and covers various sorts of grounds for a business like accounting, budgeting, sales and lots of more.

Things you can do with Excel

Considered together of the foremost important and useful software you'll do the subsequent things with the eminent features of Excel.

Prepare magnificent charts

As we all know that there are tons of grids in an excel sheet. These sheets aren't only limited to input numbers or data but also can be wont to prepare charts of potential data by using advanced excel formulas and functions. The rows and columns are crammed with data which will be sorted, filtered and arranged by the functions assigned. the knowledge from the assigning and organizing gives birth to charts as a visible presentation for better understandability.

The set of numbers isn't easy to know and are available up with a conclusion. The pie charts, clustered columns, and graphs make it an entire lot easier to research and interpret information in little time. Excel may be a versatile tool in making business reports and proper marketing material.

Visually aiding conditional formatting

The options of adding colors, shades, italics, bold, etc. help to differentiate the rows and columns to seek out data fast and saves tons of your time. the color difference makes a user to seek out the respective column and row within the vast range of knowledge pool. The formatting tab allows a user to input a coloring scheme comfortable.

Trend identification

Statistical impact in business is large when it involves strategy building by seeing the trends and predicting subsequent. The charts, graphs, clustered columns, and other visual representations are often assigned with average lines. the typical line helps an analyzer to know the key trend within the data pool. It can easily interpret the key points behind the format.

adca The trend or average lines are often taken a touch further by means of projection. These projections within the visual representation help to foresee future trends. The forecast can help to create new strategies which will take the business into a replacement development level.

Bring anything

The versatile software can handle almost any sort of data. It is often spreadsheets, documents, and even images. The access is formed easier when all the info is brought under one roof for simple work. Importing any kind of data is sort of a cakewalk in Excel. The Insert Tab helps the user to try to the conglomeration of knowledge.

The cloud feature of Excel has taken its uses to a special level. Office 365 Business and its premium version are often accessed from multiple devices which makes business better. The coordination of documents and sheets with this program makes remote working possible.

Formula and functions

Excel has its immense purposeful applications. 95% of the users apply the essential form. There are functions and advanced excel formulas which will be used for complex calculations. The functions are designed for straightforward lookup and formatting of an outsized pool of knowledge whereas the advanced excel formula is implemented to urge new information from a given particular set of knowledge.

Advance Excel Course Modules:
  • Worksheet, Workbook & Workspace.
  • Screen Elements of MS Excel.
  • Sheet, Row & Columns and Range.
  • Sheet Navigation and tab switching.
  • Working with Shortcuts.
  • Working with Basic Functions Sum, Average, Count, Max & Min etc.
  • Alignment & Wrap text.
  • Sorting & Filtering
  • Running Macro.
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Data validation
  • Group Ungroup
  • Trace Precedents
  • About Cell, Name Box, Formula Bar.
  • About Cell Referencing.
  • Type of Referencing: Absolute, Relative & Mixed.
  • About Formulas & Functions.
  • About Operators and Their Uses.
  • Working with Formulas and Functions.
  • Home Tab.
  • Paste Special & Format Painter.
  • Cell Formatting, Text Controls, Categories.
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting (With Formulas).
  • Sorting & Filtering.
  • Flash Fill.
  • Fill Series and Justify.
  • Find, Replace & Goto Special.
  • Insert, View & Page Layout Tab.
  • Creating & Running Macros.
  • Charts, Pictures, SmartArt, Screenshot.
  • Insert links and Header & Footers.
  • Page Setup, Margins and Print Settings.
  • Print Area, Workbook views, Freeze Panes.
  • Scale to Fit, Sheet Options & Print Titles.
  • Creating & Running Macros.
  • Review Tab.
  • Insert Comments, Spelling & Grammar.
  • Protract Sheet & Workbook.
  • Share Workbook.
  • Track changes.
  • Mathematical Operations: Sum, Product, Power, Sqrt, Mod, Aggregate
  • Conditional Sums: Sumif, Sumifs Advanced Mathematical Operations: Sumproduct, Su7nsq, Series sum.
  • Other Operations: Round, Roundup, Round down.
  • Rand, Randbetween, Fact, Roman.
  • Data Lookup Functions: Vlookup, Hlookup,
  • Lookup, Choose, Match, get pivot data. Logical Functions: And, Or, Not, If, Iferror, Ifna, True, False.
  • Cell/Range: Address, Index, Index, Offset.
  • Other Hyperlink, Transpose, Formula text
  • Day, Hour, Minute, Month, Networkdays, Now, Second, Today, Weekday, Year.
  • Networkday.intl, Weeknum, Days360, Edate, EOMonth.
  • Pmt, Ppmt, Ipmt, Pv, Fv, Rate.
  • Iserror, Iserr, Isna.Error.Type, Isref, Iseven, Isodd, Isnumber, N, Isblank. Row, Column, Rows, Columns, Areas.
  • Max, Min, Count, Counta, Countblank, Countif, Countifs.
  • Average, Averageif, Mode.sngl.
  • Mode.mult, Frequency, Rank, Rank.eq
  • Len, Left, Right, Mid, Lower, Upper, Proper, rept.
  • Substitute, Trim, concatenate, value, find, Replace, Char, Code
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting Using Functions.
  • Searching Technique with Goto Special.
  • Insert Slicer, Pivot Table & Chart.
  • Function Nesting to get result.
  • Lookup to Left with Index & Match.
  • Loan EMI Calculator in excel.
  • Financial Calculations.
  • Text filtering from String, First Middle Last Name.
  • Find & Remove Duplicate Entries.
  • Prefill with Zero.
  • Tax Calculator in Excel.
  • Nesting If+and+round functions.
  • Nesting Ifna+Vlookup.
  • Nesting concatenate+left+right.
  • Nesting If+Countif, if+isna+match.
  • Nesting Vlookup+index+match.
  • Sumproduct Various Uses.
  • Using wildcard Characters in functions.
  • Other Utilities.
Why to choose IFDA for Advanced Excel course ?

IFDA gives you the training to become proficient in dealing with spreadsheets. After completing this course from IFDA we will help you in your career to open doors for data analysis role, MIS role, business analysis role and what not.
As we know, advance excel course is trending in the market because many jobs require advanced Excel skills. IFDA is providing the best training of advance excel through experts with 100% job assistance also you will be given an opportunity to work with practical reports.

Benefits of Advanced Excel:

MS-Excel is used very widely nowadays by everyone in the market. The most impressive thing about MS Excel is that it can be used anywhere for any kind of work. For example, it is used for billing, data management, analysis, inventory, finance, business tasks, complex calculations, etc.
The advanced excel course is a totally job-oriented course. There is a huge demand for an excel expert person in the market with a good salary package.
Students generally go in search of a job after completing the course but without experience but companies generally don’t prefer a candidate without experience, therefore, we provide an internship program to students for gaining experience of working in a company.

Job Opportunities:

  • Data Analyst
  • MS-Excel Trainer
  • MIS Executive
  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Metrics Specialist

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