C Language

About Course:

The C programming language is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages and is commonly used to program operating systems such as Unix. The main advantages of programming in C is that it allows the programmer to write directly to memory. You can master your programming skills by learning the C language from the best institute in Delhi. C programming language training course enables the participants to learn C programming for software development and many more things.

C Language Course Content

  • What is C Language
  • History of C
  • Features of C
  • How to install C
  • Flow of C Program
  • printf scanf
  • Variables in C
  • Data Types in c
  • Keywords in c
  • C Operators
  • C Comments
  • Constants in C
  • C Fundamental Test
  • C if-else
  • C switch
  • C Loops
  • C do-while loop
  • C while loop
  • C for loop
  • C break
  • C continue
  • C goto
  • Type Casting
  • C Control Statement Test
  • What is function
  • Call: Value & Reference
  • Recursion in c
  • Storage Classes
  • C Functions Test
  • 1-D Array
  • 2-D Array
  • Array to Function
  • C Array Test
  • C Pointers
  • C Pointer to Pointer
  • C Pointer Arithmetic
  • C Pointers Test
  • Dynamic memory
  • Malloc function
  • Calloc funtion
  • String in C
  • C gets() & puts()
  • C String Functions
  • C strlen()
  • C strcpy()
  • C strcat()
  • C strcmp()
  • C strrev()
  • C strlwr()
  • C strupr()
  • C strstr()
  • C String Test
  • C Math Functions
  • C Structure
  • C Array of Structures
  • C Nested Structure
  • C Union
  • C Structure Test
  • C File Handling
  • C fprintf() fscanf()
  • C fputc() fgetc()
  • C fputs() fgets()
  • C fseek()
  • C rewind()
  • C ftell()
  • C Preprocessor
  • C #include
  • C #define
  • Command Line Arguments
Why to choose IFDA for C Language course ?

IFDA comes as top C programming language training institute with its good rate of success in past years. At IFDA, we will teach you all you need from knowledge of C functions and methods to C arguments and return values to start running C programs. We offer latest technology and best way of teaching for C language concepts.
IFDA guarantees you to edge over others and gives you 100% job assistance. IFDA also helps students for getting good salary package job post.

Benefits of C Language

C is one of the most widely used programming languages today. Without knowledge of C, computer programming careers cannot progress. This C language course has been designed by IFDA to give you all you need from knowledge of C functions and methods to C arguments and return values to start running C programs.

Job Opportunities
  • C language trainer
  • Software Engineer
  • System Programmer
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