About Course:

It is a widespread level certification for candidates, a candidate having this certification opens up multiple career alternatives. Also, you will be self-capable of doing accounting by yourself. This course is quite valuable for those candidates who want to build their career in Accounts.

Tally e-Accounting Course Content:

  • Accounting Terms Accounting Concepts and Principles
  • Double Entry System of Accounting
  • Types of Accounts
  • Golden Rules of Accounting etc.
  • Journalizing and Posting of Transactions
  • Recording of Business Transaction
  • The Accounting Equation
  • Recording of Transactions in Books of Original Entry Journal etc.
  • Getting Started with Tally Prime
  • Company Creation/Shut Select/Alter etc.
  • Company Features and Configuration Chart of Accounts Ledger Group etc.
  • Inventory Management
  • Terms Used in Inventory Management
  • Inventory Valuation Inventory Management in Tally Prime
  • Recording Day to Day Transactions
  • Business Transaction
  • Source Document or voucher
  • Recording Transaction in Tally Prime
  • Accounting Voucher
  • Creation of New Voucher Type
  • Automation of Invoice (Voucher Class)
  • Non-Accounting Practice Exercise
  • Activation of Maintaining Bill-wise Details Feature Credit Limit Active Credit limit
  • Setting Credit Limits
  • Exceeding Credit Limits
  • Exception to Credit Limits
  • Payment Performance of Debtors
  • Banking Payments
  • Setting UP Banking Features Cheque Management Cheque Printing
  • Bank Reconciliation Cash and Bank Deposit Slip
  • Handing e-Payments in Tally Prime
  • Practice Exercise Tracking of Expenses and Incomes
  • Cost Centre and Cost Categories
  • Activation of Cost Category and Cost Centre Classes
  • Cost Centre Reports
  • Category Summary Cost Centre Break-up
  • MIS Reports in Tally Prime Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Funds Flow
  • Statement
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Books and Accounting Reports
  • Day Book Receipts and Payments
  • Bills Receivable and Bills Payable
  • Inventory Reports
  • Stock Summary
  • Stock Transfer Movement Analysis
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Activating of Bill of Materials Stock Journal Register Transfer Analysis Cost Estimation etc.
  • Purchase and Sales Order Processing
  • Creation of Price List
  • Introduction What is CST? Registration
  • Supply of Goods and Services Place of Supply
  • Time of Supply Value of Supply Invoicing
  • Input Credit Mechanism E-way Bills Returns Payment of Tax Consequences of Non-Compliance
  • Accounts and Other Records Tax Rate Structure
  • Refund of Tax
  • Transition to GST
  • Input Service Distributor (ISD)
  • Work Non Resident Tax Payer
  • E-Commerce GSTN and GSP
  • Audit
  • Demands and Recovery
  • Appeals and Revision
  • Tax Deducted at Source
  • Basic Concepts of TDS in Tally Prime
  • Recording Transactions
  • Accounting for TDS on Advance Payments
  • TDS on Expenses at Lower Rate
  • TDS on Expenses at Zero Rate
  • Deducting TDS on Payments Reversal of Expenses with TDS
  • TDS Reports
  • Challan Reconciliation
  • TDS Outstanding
  • E- Return etc.
Why to choose IFDA for E-accounting course ?

E-accounting is becoming one of the professional courses in the industries. IFDA has brought Tally Ace training in Delhi by qualified & expert persons in accounting. Flexible batch timings are available in weekdays and weekend classes are also available. IFDA provides you a platform to explore yourself in accounts field. Free 1-month Internship is given to all our students in our accounting firm “Profit Fusion India” with 100% job assistance facility.

Benefits of E-accounting:

This accounting course furnishes you multiple career opportunities in various sectors. The certification that we provide after completion of the course is digitally verified, an Industry preferred certificate as well as valid all over India. Online assessments are organized by IFDA to evaluate the performance and abilities of students via online test. IFDA provides the enrolled students a Tally Job Portal where you can upload your Resume also you can see the new job openings according to your preferred location and many more benefits are attached with it.

Job Opportunities:
  • Accounts Executive
  • Accounts Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Tally software instructor
  • Banking
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship & more
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